Windstorm damage to the classrooms!

On October 10 a severe weather event hit Bwindi. Heavy rain with a major windstorm ripped the roofs off of 2 classrooms. Several students and one teacher sustained injuries. We were happy to learn they have all been released from the clinic and returned home.

We were able to send almost $1,000.00 in funds over the weekend. This will allow Bernard to keep the school open, secure the classrooms against the elements and allow clean up to start.
We are looking to raise an additional $2000.00 to start repairs, replace the damaged metal sheeting and install anchors to lock the roofing to the buildings.

We send thanks to our donors for whatever assistance you can provide. We are humbled by the love, care and generosity you have shared with us over the years.
We also send thanks to Bernard, the teachers and Bwindi community for all your efforts on behalf of the students.
Eric and Paige
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