Important Points

Understanding the need

The PaigeGage World Wide Classroom is working to make change in the lives of children in this area of Uganda with our support of the Bwindi Universal Nursery and Primary School.

Uganda had been traumatized by the previous conflict in the Eastern Providences of the Congo only 10 kilometers from the school. The far too causal acts of violence on the remote villages caused many to flee the Congo. Through years of conflict, many children have been orphaned and separated from their families. While the community is faced with extreme poverty and diseases like HIV/AIDS and Malaria, the children were welcomed into the homes of the families and cared for.

Our Mission

The Paige Gage World Wide Classroom was created to aid in the education of children in remote and environmentally sensitive areas of the world.

We can Solve a real problem

Enabling the education of these children will help alleviate poverty, benefiting the community and saving wildlife simultaneously.

We’ve done our homework

Since we started supporting the school we have seen the dollars and donated supplies put to affective use.
There is a community school management committee overseeing funds, projects and policies.


And we are following the guidelines of the International Gorilla Conservation Program 

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We’ve already started

school supplies | shoes | clothing | computers and solar backpacks | cameras and cell phones | medical needs | dental needs | teacher salaries

About the school

The Bujengwe Bwindi Orphans Group was founded in 2009 offering two preschool classes to 31 pupils. It is now Bwindi Universal Nursery and Primary School offering from preschool up to Primary six. Currently, the school enrolment stands at 232 pupils.

The School is located in Nyamishamba, Bwindi–Kanungu District, Uganda ¼ km from The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park boundary. The park is home to over 350 of the last 700 remaining Mountain Gorillas.

Our Goal

The next step is to build brick and mortar classrooms
Hire additional teachers and provide them housing

We are looking to raise 1 billion Uganda shillings
That is only
$30 thousand US dollars

We want to Insure that the students we first met in 2009 in nursery school and kindergarten
Get to stay with their supportive families
And graduate high school

Join us in making a difference
Help build a classroom
Help protect the greatest and most threatened primates on the planet


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The Paige Gage World Wide Classroom has been helping needy students since 2009.

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